3D printing is everywhere.  Doing everything.  In every industry.  Across all walks of life.  In every country.  Spoken in every language.  Art and science.  It’s in your body, in your shoes and shower, on your walls, hanging from ceiling, and flying in the air.  It’s in your neighbor’s basement and in Airbus, building an airplane.  It’s cool and nerdy.  It’s our future.

I’ve been fascinated by 3D printing for some time but found it difficult to articulate my enthusiasm when questioned.  Recently I began to collect the stories in an attempt to gather my thoughts around the potential of this constantly evolving innovation.  For some reason I find it important to be conversant in the subject, to be able to convey just what 3D printing has in store for all of us.

If you’re curious but don’t know much about the technology, you’re in the right place.  3D Maker Nation answers the questions “What can it really do?” and “How can it possibly be useful?”

In the beginning this site was just for me.  I wanted to summarize the most important points and save links to the robust information.  Then I thought, hey, I should share.  3D printing is fascinating but can also be intimidating.  Looking back at what I’ve collected so far, it seems more approachable.  These bite size pieces may appeal to less tech savvy among us.

So, that’s what you can expect.  A bunch of nutshells.  Tidy packages of information, easily understood.  There’s unimaginable complexity to what’s being done in this industry.  You do not want me to explain how a kidney is bio-printed.  Just trust me.  Instead I’ll share the fact that it’s been done (SERIOUSLY!) and then link you up with the detail if you choose to go there.

So, yep… that’s pretty much it.  ENJOY.

EDIT:  So, yeh… I’ve geeked out so much over 3D printing that 3D Maker Nation will be selling some phenomenal ABS and PLA filament collection on Amazon soon!