Turn Plastic Waste into Filament on Your Desktop

Got $900? Check out the ProtoCycler. It’s a desktop plastic grinder and filament extrusion system.  Yeh, all that filament you toss? Turn it into new filament! The ProtoCycler even spools it for you at the rate of 10 feet per minute. You’ll have yourself a 1 KG spool of filament ready to go in 2 hours!

Don’t have $900?  I get it.  Let’s  gain some perspective before you poo-poo the idea.  If you spend $25 on a spool of filament then the ProtoCycler will pay for itself in 36 spools.  If you spend $50, then it’ll take only 18 spools before you break even.

My dream desktop.

Currently it handles both ABS and PLA (both used and raw pellets). They’re working on expanding the array of plastics it can support, but claim it should be able to work with any “non-toxic thermoplastic within the melting range of ~260.” Picky about color?  Apparently you get to choose your color too.


How ’bout that?


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