#18 – What can you do with a 3D pen? (3Doodler Award Winners 2016)

What can you do with a 3D pen?  Anything you want.  Want proof?  Check out 2016’s 3Doodler award winners.

There are nine categories.

1 – WEARABLE (but not necessarily comfortable!)

Necklace by Aikaterini Kedikoglou

2 – MACRO (big art)

European Peacock Butterfly by Cornelia Kuglmeier

3 – MICRO (tiny art)

Tiny Squirrel by Judith Tarres Benet

4 – INTERIOR DESIGN (aesthetics in the home)

Lampshade by Devin Montes

3D Maker Nation couldn’t help but notice Devin’s lampshade a while back.  It was “#14 – What can you do with a 3D pen?”  Just in case you’re wondering… YES, it’s possible to 3D draw on a balloon!

5 – SINGLE STRAND (anything done w/ a single strand of 3Doodler plastic)

Golden Flower Ring by Heather Baharally

6 – 3Doodler Start: FAIRY TALE

Roger the Dragon by Joanna Conant

7 – LIVING WORLD (animals, etc.)

Coral Reef & Fish by Yuval Mor

8 – DA VINCI (engineering, design & construction)

Robot by Ala’ Fahmi Sawan

DOODLER OF THE YEAR (body of work)

Origami Crane by Cornelia Kuglmeier

Cornelia was kind enough to upload a tutorial for this crane to 3Doodler’s community.

Look for 3Doodler to begin accepting entries for their 2017 contest sometime in October.


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