OSU’s Digital Union 3D Prints Skull to Aid Facial Reconstruction of a Jane Doe

CT scans of a skull found on May 1, 2016 were used by Ohio State University’s Digital Union to create a 3D printed version for forensic artist Samantha Wolnar.  Facial reconstruction is the last thing authorities turn to when other efforts fail to identify human remains.

It’s a time consuming technique.  After the 72 hours needed to 3D print the skull, Ms. Wolnar spent 50-60 hours using clay to reconstruct the details of the woman’s face, neck and hair.  The time, effort, art and science produces an striking image of a woman. Most of us would simply see a skull, nothing special and rather generic.  Samantha Wolnar studies the skull and sees the individual and features that make her unique.  Then she does this…

The artist and OSU discuss their contributions to the case in this video…


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