3D Printing May Soon Offer Alternative to Amputation

The regenerative medicine project at the University of Glasgow may soon offer both customized and “off the shelf” 3D printed bone to repair traumatic bone injuries.

How?  Let’s say someone suffered an injury mid-femur where a section of bone is now missing.  Researchers have developed a method to 3D print a bone scaffolding which is then drenched in stem cells and BMP-2 growth factor.  This is put in the Nanokick, a machine that shakes the concoction to accelerate growth.  Here’s more about “nanokicking.”

The end result is a piece of bone that can be customized to an individual’s injury.  Once implanted, the bone tissue continues to grow while the scaffolding eventually dissolves away.  So… yeh… WHOA.

More about this technique HERE.

Mathis O Riehle’s sketch notes.

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