94% of Asian Companies to Embrace Disruptive Technologies in 2017

This stopped me in my tracks.  NTT Communications surveyed 300 Asian companies and found that 94% plan to adopt some sort of disruptive technology in 2017.

We may have become more noticeably nationalistic and ethnocentric of late, but let’s not forget that it’s not enough to simply make it to the top.  Staying there is what matters.  If the USA wants to be competitive in the global market we must engage enthusiastically in disruptive technologies – AI/Robotics, Virtual Reality & 3D Printing.  Learn more.  Take risks.  Be willing to fail spectacularly.  Participate and cooperate with scientists on a global scale.  A rising tide may lift all boats, but only if you’re in a boat!

If you want all the detail NTT Communications’ survey results are HERE.




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