US Marines Testing 3D Printer in the Field

Ever think that 3D printers would be standard issue for our nation’s soldiers?  No?  Well, it’s time to start considering the possibility.  Marine Wing Support Squadron 372 is intrigued by the potential.  They’re currently testing the technology and training how to use it in the field.  Among the advantages cited are:

  1. Print components that have broken and require replacement.  See Humvee door handles below.
  2. Lighten the load.  Print parts instead of packing them.
  3. Print items needed in an emergency.  Think bottles and taps to purify water.

The marines are testing with the Invent3D printer and are limited to printing in plastic.  Engineers are pushing for the ability to print in metal and rubber as well.

Anyone else think there are a few 3D printer manufacturers scrambling to win contracts?

Read more HERE.

Humvee door handles

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