Mylan’s EpiPen Price Hike ~ An Open Source Response

EpiPen manufacturer Mylan needs to understand it’s now operating in a new world.  A world that’s increasingly embracing the potential of 3D printing and its desktop manufacturing capabilities.

There’s a group of people who believe no one should be denied life saving medical treatment due to lack of funds.  They call themselves the Four Thieves Vinegar Collective and they have initiated an open-source movement online.  In their words…

“… we have developed a way for individuals to manufacture their own medications. We have designed an open-source automated lab reactor, which can be built with off-the-shelf parts, and can be set to synthesize different medications.”

Pretty sure there are many who will passionately debate whether or not people should participate in DIY pharmaceuticals.  I clearly see and sympathize with both sides of that debate.  However, we’re not talking about chemical compounds here.  The EpiPen is a medication delivery DEVICE.  The epinephrine shot is filled by prescription.  Prior to Mylan’s price hike this past summer, users spent about $100 for a set of two EpiPens.  The price jumped to $600.

Four Thieves Vinegar Collective took exception to Mylan’s EpiPen price hike.  Introducing the EpiPencil.  Their site has links to everything you need to make your own, including detailed assembly instructions.  Total cost is approximately $30.


Inspired by this development, ProgressTH has been partnering with medical professionals to develop their own device.  This one can be 3D printed for a total cost of about $3.  Here’s their prototype.


How’s that for progress?


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