Vectary ~ Online Platform Makes 3D Modeling Easy

If you’re not a tech geek or AutoCAD whiz, the 3D universe may be a little off-putting.  If that’s the case, then I’m right there with you.  Although I have an immense appreciation for the technology and its potential, I’m the furthest thing from savvy.  Learning more every day though and it’s exciting stuff.

There are a few platforms out there offering free 3D modeling (Tinkercad for one).  Now there’s VECTARY.  This one promises to be easier and more intuitive for those of us with little to no modeling experience.  The designers created a platform that uses slider bars to simplify the design process.  To learn more about the software and what it has to offer, head over to THIS ARTICLE.

Want to actually give it a go and start playing?  Here’s your LINK TO VECTARY.  Sign up with your email.  First thing offered is a tutorial demonstrating the basics.  It still takes some practice, but it’s so very cool you may just lose track of time while you’re practicing.

They have projects available to download and even customize.  All of them have a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.  Which means you’re welcome to them provided you give VECTARY credit, don’t mass print and sell the objects for profit, and understand that any customizations must be distributed under the same license.vectary-swan


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