3D Printing Meets Fishing

Here’s how the story goes.  A 15 year old kid gets a 3D printer.  First thing kid wants to do with it is design something that will attract fish.  He likes to fish. Flash forward two years.  The kid is now 17 years old and looking for an investor on ABS’s Shark Tank with his father and his 3D printed Fish Call.  They got $150,000 from Robert Herjavec in exchange for 10% equity in the business.  They’re now expecting $2 million in sales.

What do fishermen think of his invention?  Apparentely Fish Call really works.  In fact it works too well for some serious anglers out there.  They think it makes fishing too easy.  But you know what?  If you really want to turn someone on to fishing, to show them the appeal, then YOU NEED CATCH FISH!  Personally, this is a great invention for families who want to introduce their kids to the awesomeness that is fishing.  It’s also great for when you invite along that friend who is not so sure they want to spend their time waiting for the fish to bite.  It’s not for everyone but it certainly should have a strong niche market.  At least I think so.

Buy one at The Fish Call.



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